Christmas campaign for Pause ljud och bild.


³UNUSUALLY² is a communication concept we have incorporated into everything we create for Pause
(an exclusive chain of HiFi stores). This campaigned was aimed at film enthusiasts, and communicates the film that should be experienced using the high-end products that Pause ljud och bild sell.

We illustrated a number of different well-known scenes, using the Pause ljud och bild employees, as different characters, to promote the classic box set. The ads went out in some of Sweden's largest newspapers.

One more part of this campaign realise was an exclusive DVD box set, with limited edition versions of Citizen Kane, Clockwork orange, Saving private Ryan,Matrix and Sin City.

The box set is designed and hand crafted by Mikael Eriksson, and has a limited production of only 200.

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Dabitch's picture

That is a very nice looking box. I want one, dammit. :)

tod.brody's picture

Me too.  How many are left?

Mikael_Lekström's picture

The fist 50 are out in store and the other 150 will be out in stores first thing 2008.

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Well, then I guess I'll have to make a trip up to Stockholm. :-)

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Well done Mike. Really well.