Chrylser adds Snoop Dog to Iacocca ad

About a month ago, I posted about Chrysler reintroducing Lee Iacocca in a spot with Jason Alexander. Now, CNN reports a new commercial which should break Saturday (tomorrow) will feature Lee and Snoop Dog in order to reach younger consumers who have no idea who Lee is.

The latest spot, which numerous media reports say should start Saturday, includes Iacocca and Snoop Dogg, whose hip-hop speaking manner in the spot seems to confuse Iacocca.

"You know, I'm not too sure what you just said. Now everybody gets a great deal," Iacocca says in the spot.

"Fo shizzle, I-ka-zizzle," Snoop Dog replies.

Iacocca is donating the money Chrysler is paying him to do these spots to a foundation he set up to battle diabetes, the disease which killed his wife. USA Today reports that Snoop Dogg told Iacocca during the filming that he has a brother with diabetes, and said he admired what Iacocca is doing.

"He's just a good kid," Iacocca told USA Today about his co-star. "I didn't understand half the things he was telling me, but it was fun."

The spot ends with Snoop Dog giving his own version of Iacocca's famous pitchline, "If you can find a better car, buy it."

"If the ride is more fly, then you must buy," Snoop Dog says.

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In the name of all that is holy, please tell me that this is a joke, that you pulled this from "The Onion" or something. Otherwise, my universe will cease to make sense.

Dabitch's picture

I was just thinking the same thing. With yesterdays (maybe serious?) Cumming and this I feel liek we've slipped into the Twiligt Zone.

And "If the ride is more fly, then you must buy" doesn't mean exactly "If you can find a better car, buy it." does it? Where's the "find" in Snoops line? ;)

caffeinegoddess's picture

I wish I was. It's also being reported by The NY Times, which has a still from the ad.

Personally, I find these ads as grating as the Celine ones. Maybe even more so. Iacocca's acting is stiff and dry and about as interesting to watch as paint drying.

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are you kidding? this is awesome. snoop dog appeals to the young white masses. they'll eat it up. being young myself i really didnt know who that lee iacocca guy was anyway. i just figured he had something to do with chrysler and their previous commercials. so i dont think its a ridiculous idea at all!

AnonymousCoward's picture

If Snoop's translation of the tagline is anywhere near as abrasive is Iacocca's "grandaughter's", I might have to start slashing Chrysler tires.