Cleavage exploitative of and degrading to dental nurses.

Remember the Polo Volkswagen (BMP DDB) campaign a few years back? The line said "surprisingly low prices" and the commercials were hilarious twist on this fact. In one a Dentist tries to get his patient to open wide, the patient tries but it really isn't wide enough, until the dentist shows him a Polo ad with the price listed and the patients jaw drops. Great ad.

In New Zealand an ad for Cool Charm deodorant takes place in a similar dentist office, where the dentist is having the same problem with his patient. (read more)

The dentist keeps repeating "open wide" but the patient won't budge, that is until the nurse walks in wearing a revealing uniform and leans over the patient showing her cleavage, and the young patients jaw drops. Complaints about this ad said was blatant exploitation of a woman's body to sell a product. It also undermined the profession of dental nursing.

The Advertising Standards Board agreed, saying it was not only demeaning to the profession but also to involve a pubescent boy was totally unacceptable. It won't air again.
Hat tip to Claymore who read it at, and also notes that it isn't the first time Cool Charm ads have been in trouble. The complaint about the cool charm ad where a woman flashes a man was not upheld though.

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