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CoBrandit? Consumer made ads.

The entreprenuerial cousins at OBTV invite you to coBrandit - make an advert for either Beer, Gear, or Cars (and make it look good) and they'll pay you $50 for it.

It all started this way: My cousin Jesse and I were sitting around drinking beer. Heineken. And we were talking about how, from a mktg standpoint, Heineken was right where it wanted to be: in our 'fridge, on our table, in our hands, being drunk (er, consumed...) That being the case, any additional mktg dollars spent on us by Heineken would be wasted (er, unneccessary). So instead of spending more cash on advertising to Jesse and I, Heineken should be giving us their money directly, in exhange for which we would give them video testimony of our world and Heineken's place in it. It was (and is) our belief that a documentary of that sort would be a lot more interesting than a typical stupid ad.
The lunatics have taken over the asylum.
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Didn't Icehouse start doing a version of this in the beer category years ago? ("We make the beer. You make the ads.")

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Ah, the old outsource the idea, idea. Whether you ask someone to get 'inspired' by your product, or to make a video about their experiences with it, it is basically the same thing. Typical brand+ad agency being so close to their product that they think the product actually has some real signifigace in people's lives. Of course, planning will back it up with 'research', but at the end of the day, who's fooling who?

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If testimonies worked so well, wouldn't you think we'd see much more of that out there in the ad world? Testimonies don't always work for every brand, IMHO.

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As long as we're bringing upo whodunnit before -we all remember the Converse film shorts from last year right? But ah, yes that was different because they offered $10,000 for the films. ;)