Coca-Cola Super bowl Spot: "Catch"

Between the cute endangered species rooting for the Super Bowl and the beverage itself, we needed to brush our teeth after viewing.

Frustrated Polar Bear can’t bear (geddit, har har) to watch his team not doing well. So he steps out for a breather. His mate throws him a Coke and he almost drops it. What follows is Disney-like animated orchestration of a slip and slide until he lands, with Coke carefully still in paws.

Apparently too, the actual spot will change depending on how the second quarter goes. Kinda like the alternate endings in the movie “Clue.” Or something.

This year, Coke is also using the polar bears to embrace social media in what will surely be the weirdest way possible, with a “Live” Polar Bear Viewing of the Game complete with the obligatory and now increasingly irrelevant hashtag: #GameDayPolarBears

While it’s nice to see a long lasting audience favorite get a 2012 update, as an actual spot it’s just more of the same candy floss. Cute, and sweet, yes. But over before you know it.

And it’s a wee bit hard to get excited about animated cartoon characters responding to a football game, unless they're going to beat up a Patriot's fan afterward.

We kid, we kid!

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Polar bears don't drink sodas. :P

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So the Coke polar bears play football. Sort of.