That is cold Guinness, reintroducing old ads

The Guardian reports that Guinness is looking into how they can revive old popular ad campaigns for the black brew, now for the extra cold version. Commercials like Surfer, the "Pure Genius" campaign with Rutger Hauer, and ads from the "Not everything in Black and White makes sense" will be redone, new versions of old ads if if you will, by Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO.

"There are a number of executions that we are working on for a summer campaign backing Guinness Extra Cold. The ads will reflect the idea that it is still Guinness, but it is just colder.
"What we have explored is taking famous icons from past ads and giving them a cold twist, but nothing has been finalised."

We hope the poor surfer doesn't freeze to death.....

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*flinar* Vem var f

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Ouch! :)

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Well, if Hollywood can remake original movies...maybe Madison Avenue can remake commericals. Maybe the iPod 1984 remake is just the beginning?

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Maybe Badland hints at it being done all the time, remakes I mean, anyway? ;) *grin*
Yaknow, I've been really into the idea of starting an agency called Plank [swedish: to rip off, also a wall you bounce balls against] and promise "award winning ads" straight up. All we'd ever do is rummage old award books for great ideas and rip them straight off with a slight update of art direction. We'd not hide any of the rip-offs at all but be totally honest about our business practice. I wonder how long it would last before agencies suddenly started to covet and fight for what really makes the ads - the ideas. Yaknow, the uncopyrightable little lightbulbs we make every day.

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Remake well, my fascination grows since some fat-potatoes-fried-in-oil-company as well as a the almost thousand year old spot for "Grumme Tv

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sounds like they re-shot and added a new twist to each "old" ad - sortof like an update rather than a reintroduction: (from Brandrepublic)

In the new version of "surfer", which was voted the UK's favourite ad in a poll in 2000, the formerly brave characters retreat from the edge of the sea when they realise how cold the water is. The famous male dancer of "anticipation" is now an Eskimo, and in "fishy", the fish who rides his bicycle is now riding it through the snow.

Rutger Hauer, who appeared in a long series of ads in the 1980s under the "pure genius" banner, makes a return for the brand, shivering in the cold as he delivers the line "nice weather for penguins".