ComputerTan spoof infomercial is for skin charity SKCin

A.k.a The dangers of going through the inbox at four in the morning. So, I read The Denver Egotists mail first and made this post last night Computertan viral makes no sense, when I should have taken a moment to you know, sleep or something. What had arrived earlier in my inbox explains the whole thing and asks me politely to join in on it if I wish. It explains who created this viral website, and why, with background info - and in my newly coffinated (hehe) state I realize that posting the email without asking if I could first would be downright rude. So I ring up Adam in London and ask if I may quote these bits. He emails me back a moment later with a yes - the cat is out of the bag at this point anyway.

Why are we doing this?
SKCin wish to highlight the dangers of skin cancer and the brutal fact that this most common form of cancer kills at least 5 people a day in the UK. We believe the site will appeal to an audience and attract visitors SKCin would never usually be able to reach.
- [snip] -
We would love for you to pass this hoax on, it is for a very good cause after all and everyone working on it has done so for free.

So there you have it people, the sender of the viral is working to inform the public about skin cancer. Do pass the site on to that oompah-loompah looking girl in your office though, she might need a nudge to stop abusing the tanning bed. Skin cancer is serious stuff.

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