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Correction fluid ads that never were

Three ads from Chile advertising correction fluid in a manner not consistent with the brand were previously posted on Adland. Both the client and now the ad agency credited have contacted us about the ads. The agency explains:

The story is that this material was inside the agency, as many other ideas, on a private basis, waiting for an internal analysis before even show it to (Brand name removed), our international client. It has never been published or showed before. And it was not supposed to be shown to anybody yet. But somebody inside the agency, wrongly, thought it was ready to posted in the net and did it.
As you can see, we ask for your understanding and help in this situation.

On the ad agencies kind request we've removed their name and he brand names everywhere, but we will not remove the ads that now carry pixellated trademarks and are marked "spec work" for clarification. It would be pointless to delete a post here when thousands of caches have already seen it and it might even make things worse.
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Copywhore, I guess I owe you a beer. You were right, overy exited juniors sending their "brilliant idea" out on the web.
I guess I had too much faith in creatives to clearly mark spec work that they send in as "spec work". I should know better seeing as spec wqork has even won Grand Prix in Cannes.

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And stand as a reminder to all agencies to clean up their internal communication clutter...

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Hey, I just call it like I see it. I've worked in this bloody business long enough to spot what seems plausible and what seems like, well...onanism...(or, masturbation, for lack of a better word.)

Trouble is, all the young 'uns who get into the racket imagine advertising to be something totally different than what it really is. Had I known better, I would probably have chosen a different path.

I guess the point in all of this is that only about .002% of all the advertising ever created is worthwhile. And for that .002% to be created, the planets have to align. And even when the planets DO align, it usually doesn't involve being able to "wite out" vital elements of famous catastrophe photos.

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Glad someone nipped this scam in the bud.

Scam is an industry plague brought on by creatives who don't have the talent to make a great ad for a real client.

If I see another double page spread for matchbox or hotwheels I'm going to wretch.