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Corvette offers you to build your own roar : buy a Corvette & build your engine

Here's a brilliant idea from Corvette. Knowing full well what draws people to their car - hint, it's the roar - they offer buyers the opportunity to build their own roar. That's right, shell out money for a ZR1 or Z06, and you can go to the factory and help build the 638 horsepower 6.2L super-charged LS9 engine for your own car. Wait, it gets better - Corvette will even charge you an extra $5800 for it.


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Good news is I bet they have an out if it blows up from being sued. Hey bud you built it! Even better when it craps out and the owner thinks 'I built it I can rip this baby apart' then has that bound to happen 'Damn why do I have some extra parts left over' moment, GM gets to charge to rebuild it! LOL