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CP&B site spoof has nothing to do with CP&B

So that site https://www.theneep.com/ has been making the blogrounds, as they are like CP&B but not CP&B and everyone and their aunt are weighing in their two cents on how funny that is.
A CP&B rep who's in the know said to me yesterday "As it made rounds here, we all got a huge kick out of it. But we don't know who made it. We tried to figure it out to no avail." - in other words CP&B have nothing to do with that site.
As soon as I heard that I phoned the number of the domain-owner to find out just exactly who was behind it, a man with a Korean-American accent answered the phone and I asked him if he owned theneep.com.
"No, I don't, what is that? This is the second phone call I'm getting about that today, do you know who they are?" I explained to the poor guy that CP&B are rather famous so that's probably why he's getting the calls, and that his number is listed on the WHOIS information, he was not amused.
"Could you tell them to stop calling and get my number off that?" he wondered, and all I can do is ask that anyone who reads this, don't call the WHOIS information domain owner number, it's an innocent third party.
Personally, I think the stunt went from funny-ish to crap at the moment they put someone elses phonenumber on the WHOIS info, if you are going to do that, at least put some robot-number or an answering machine, not another persons. For all I know I could have just called the korean neighbourhood deli in White Plains New York.

The current flash intro of the site reads like this;

Other sites who wrote about theneep.com: Adrants: Site Spoofs Crispin Porter & Bogusky

The site has section called Like Work which contains none, Like Bios which spoofs CP&B execs and Like Bush which makes odd reference to Bush tax cuts. Of course, knowing CP&B, they're behind it. The hosting site (theneep.com) has "B K (webmaster@theneep.com)" listed as its registrant. BK. Get it?

AdFreak: Ain’t nothing like the real thing
Everyone wants to be like Crispin Porter + Bogusky. But here comes a spoof Web site that’s actually called “Like Crispin Porter.” “Welcome to Like Crispin Porter,” it reads. “At Like Crispin Porter we create work that is like Crispin Porter’s work. Of course Like Crispin Porter is not exactly the same as Crispin Porter. We don’t have clients. Or an office. Or a staff. In that sense I guess we could have called ourselves Like Grey Worldwide Canada. But we didn’t. Because we’re Like Crispin Porter.”

Possibly the very first post about this is at brand new - Who's behind this, posted January 25, 2005.

The ultimate accolade to Crispin Porter - the spoof site. It's pretty funny, and probably true of the dreams of the CEOs and CMOs of many of the big networks. In fact, could one be behind this? Or, have Crispin struck first?

So who's making the "like" sites? Perhaps someone rehearsing for his big moment on pirated-sites.com

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