Creative Social presents "Who's Idea is it Anyway?"

Creative Social presents Creative Looting in London Tuesday, 8 November 2011. Simon Sankarayya, Tom Erslinger, Liz Sivell, Andy Sandoz and Dave Bedwood will be talking about idea-poaching vs idea-inspiration. Not in the Inevitable Creative Outcomes, vs Lazy, vs creative theft way, or the what clients call digital layouts lawyers call copyright infringement way. More like the can we rip a far side cartoon and win at Cannes sort of way. No wait, not that way either - let them explain:

We look at personal inspiration or 'stealing' from comics, where the likes of Justice League and The Fantastic Four have helped shape the digital ideas of today though to 'Good cop, bad cop', Being creative is all a bit of a head f* k really. Mind manipulation, mental institutions, loosing the plot, investigations and finding the gems! Do you play it safe or take risk?

So head on down to LBi on Brick Lane to join the fun. Students and ad people are welcome, those who already graduated and are currently portfolio-pounding at agencies who seem constantly "inspired" by their portfolios are shit out of luck.

(I may typo as if I have sausage fingers but I reckon it should read whose idea - right? Right? Maybe they spell differently in London. Like with colour and aerogramme )

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