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For the creative who has everything

The book Cutting Edge advertising has found it's way here thanks to Neil French, who wrote the foreword, and Jim Aitchison who wrote the book, he promptly donated a signed copy of the book as soon as he heard we'd been naggin the publishing houses for a copy.

I heard the book was a good read - nine out of ten Adlisters prefer it - and with a shiny new copy in my lap I am about to find out.

There will be a lottery and the book will go to anyone who is simply a user/member here. So for valentines day - why not surprise the creative/account exec/planner who has everything with a one-of-a-kind special copy....

This book covers some of the most memorable print campaigns (and with them pretty pictures we art directors need) and talks to several of the creators behind some of the best print ads lately about strategy, good art direction, good copywriting but most of all about advertising, ideas and how that fits in print. It can't hurt to read a sample here in the book section. It can't hurt having at home in the bookshelf either - complete with a knife-shaped bookmark soon to be replaced by dog ears.

You know the drill by now -I'll draw a random number and see which adgrunt it corresponds to - you can sign up & sign in if you haven't already. I'll email the winner the news and announce it here the 1 March. It's a simply lottery and anyone can get lucky - no matter in which country you reside in. :)

Has anyone out there read it and would like to tell us what they think about it? I haven't finished it myself yet.

* edit - years later I totally hate myself for giving this away, wish I had it myself! ARGH! :))

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Jim Aitchison sends you a singed copy and you give it away to complete stranger that "wins" it???!!!! You didn't keep it!??

I suddenly understand why people say so many nice things about you dabitch.

I have a copy - it's great. It's not signed though.

Dabitch's picture

Years later.. I crawl to the cross to admit, yeah... I'm kicking myself for that. ;) It's like handing away your MoJo fer chrissakes.

But the way I saw it, good karma comes back right? I wanted to make this the place for everyone to hang so, be generous = people hang. Right? :)