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Creator of DSR "Nurse performs CPR with her breasts" explains the idea.

The campaign for DSR - Dansk Sygeplejeråd - has created a few waves in the Danish press as we reported last night when we posted the viral video where a nurse revives man with her breasts.
Politiken.dk says Nurses regret bare chest and quote Managing Director Anne Granborg stating; "We've missed the mark with this one, and for that I am sorry" ("Nej. Vi har ramt skævt her, og det beklager jeg") - which is quite different from what she said last week when the campaign was applauded both by the client and the public. The campaign was relaunched with a by now well worn "flash mobs stand still" event at Copenhagen's main train Station in May.

To get a better idea of where this is coming from, I asked Hanne Schultz , Art Director at "Hey!", and the creator of this campaign about it. She explains that the campaign to enroll more nurses students from DSR has been running for almost 3 years now, here's a playlist of the long campaign films on youtube, and that the soap opera style films have been so popular that people keep asking for new episodes. That's not where Mrs Breast-CPR comes in though, she's a little twist on the side (aren't they all?).

As a spice to the campaign itself: hvidzone.dk we have in collaboration with the client chose to make three viral clips that runs beside the campaign which were not directly related to the site. We wanted to get the young people's attention on a different level and capture those who were not directly in the targetgroup.
In the three clips we worked differently to give them more edge than the campaign films - that's kind of what viral clips are all about.

The Nurse CPR film has been out for months already, and has spread on various youth-forums and male-oriented blogs like virals with a bit of naughty in them tend to do. Here's the second of the three virals, wherein an old lady pulls an old joke. The actual crew weren't prepared for this so their reactions are genuine. When the nurse says "You should swallow" the old lady quips a classic "That's what he said".

When we made the short clips it was important that the three main characters were extras from the other movies, not main characters, and that they took over and played the more aloof parts, because they had no direct relation to the main campaign.
The viral short films are based on what I described about the viral media, that they take an
unexpected turn regarding the rest of the series. It's a deliberate choice. The films are
totaly over the top humor, totally unrealistic, unpredictable and it's something you cant
stop laughing at, because it's so far out, which is a good way to get young people involved.
But the fact that we combine the far out with something that pushes things forward, that we attack head on the stigma surrounding nurses, that makes the difference for me, that we actually do something good with this movie.

So, the idea was to dispel nurse-stereotypes by showing a really far out nurse-stereotype. And then saying "gotcha". Lets watch her again with that in mind.

There are viral campaigns, and then there are viral campaigns. Tom Dickson, the viral King of Will It Blend has never once shown us his tits but we know everything about his blenders. The ancient viral film Bad day at the office back in 1995 had only one angry man and his poor computer. Dove's evolution was viewed 1.7 million times in less than two weeks, and again, no tits, but plenty of photoshop. Cadbury's Gorilla had millions of view on the "wth" factor alone (but it was also aired in Cinemas), Robert Carlisle is still walking around the world for Johnnie Walker, even after its well deserved win for craft in Cannes. Carlton's Big Ad was a big viral success, Coke's Happiness machine spread joy around the world. And that's not counting facebooky-tweety things like The Whopper Sacrifice, Ikea's Facebook tag, CP+B's Titanium winning twelpforce, or Old Spice winning the internet. Granted, there's a bare chest in that last one, but they all have one thing in common: they are still on brand and in the right tone-of-voice, they are just on the web.

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