The cuecat kittens never seem to end

Rexblog wonders if that cat has nine lives, it seems it does. Getting the "click-through" idea from the web, old media tries to invent new ways of 'scanning' and ad to save the punter from typing in an URL in their browser. The advertiser would then know where you had seen the ad, the media seller could brag about how many see their ads, and you waste a lot of time photographing something with your camera phone, scanning something with a cuecat or similar until you say "sod that" and type the URL in instead. Why does this idea never die?

Cuecatastrophe lasted longer than CueCat itself. The cuecat was considered most blatent privacy violations ever committed against a clueless populace by many. When you google "cuecat" today, pages like CueCat Software Spies on You! are the top hits. Ignoring the privacy issues - people seem all to willing to throw that away - it's just a far fetched idea from the start. It's also an old one, how often have you ever said "I saw your ad in the The Yellow pages" when you phone up a company? No I didn't think so.

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