Cut&Paste Launches 12-City Live Design Competition: Call For Competitors Is Open

Cut&Paste NY 2010

Cut&Paste, the global digital design competition known for its lively onstage battles and reputation-making performances, will return to 12 cities this year, this time with Adobe as the event's Platinum Sponsor. The contest, which will culminate in a championship event in New York, is open immediately to potential competitors.

What is Cut&Paste? Watch here: Cut&Paste Global Champs 2010-11 from Cut&Paste on Vimeo.

All who consider themselves worthy are invited to apply for the city tournament of their choice at How to Compete, with work samples and a short statement by September 30th for US tournaments. Check Cut&Paste's website for non-US deadlines.. Before each tournament, potential competitors can prove their mettle in one of several Qualifier events, at which designers can try the Cut&Paste format and meet the local team.

Each city will crown one champion in each of the three categories—2D, 3D, and motion/ animation design—who will win a trip to New York in March for the third annual Cut&Paste Global Championship. The three ultimate winners will team up with top global brands on one-time design projects. Past champs have worked with Converse, Shapeways, Nooka, and 55DSL, among other top brands.

Be forewarned - this is not a passive, submission-based contest. Competitors perform live, onstage, before big-name brands and a raucous audience fueled by bartenders, with a deejay cranking out music and an emcee narrating events. Cut&Paste expects competitors to put on a show not only onscreen, but onstage, bringing props, friends, social media tie-ins - anything they can to draw in the judges and audience and stamp their personal style on their work.

To prepare potential competitors for the intensity of the high-speed competition, Cut&Paste's Platinum Sponsor, Adobe, has prepared a Training Room - a collection of little secrets they share alongside Adobe CS5 training videos that will help them haul ass onstage.

Judges - who will evaluate each design based upon, in order, adherence to the competition brief, strength of concept, originality, aesthetic and technique - will include Barbarian Group Co-Founder, Benjamin Palmer, Frog Design CD Michael DiTullo, Staple Design Founder/CD Jeff Staple, HUSH Partner David Schwarz, and many more.

Competition is set for design hotspots around the globe, including Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Tel Aviv, London, Berlin, Mexico City, Sao Paulo, Tokyo, Seoul, and Shanghai.View the full album from the 2010 Global Champs on Facebook.



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More info: TRUST 646 452 3388 (NY) 310 451 5153 (LA)

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