Dabitch answers Goons & Loons loony Qs

Goons and Loons asks three questions and I do my best balancing on the line between dead serious and yanking your chain when replying. My cats new name is Lord Launch Lunch, though. That's dead serious. Oh yeah.

1. If the career you’re in now didn’t exist what would you be doing?
Inventing said career.
I used to be a bike messenger. I used to be a cartoonist. I used to be a visualizer. I’ve worked at a funeral parlour. These are ‘lonely’ jobs, in that you spend a lot of time in your own head, but at the same time you get to watch other people a lot as it’s part of the job, to observe people. Give me any job where I get to observe human behaviour and think, and I’m game.

Now go read Goons & Loons for the rest.

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