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Dancing Pigeons Flamethrower vs. Fire Extinguisher finally conquers creators homeland: Sweden

Vacations are over! Both Resumé ("Swedish adman behind Diesels film") and Dagens Media ("a Swede behind Diesel's campaign") have now caught up on the news that Swedish Director Tomas Mankovsky created the ass-kicking fire extinguisher vs flamethrower hillbilly duel for Dancing Pigeons and Diesel:U:Music. The one we posted july 28 - because Dabitch never takes vacation, that's us always on... ;)

The video has been quite the viral success for Dancing Pigeons, it's been spotted on Metafilter, Geekologie, Neatorama, Engadget, Petapixel, Trendsnow and many many more. It's been called "The rock paper scissors for men", and has brought the wanted attention to Phantom cameras, Dancing Pigeons, and of course Diesel.

Rock on, you crazy hillbillies.

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I could not shoot snow this morning (Washington DC) due to the a most horrifying reason -- somebody and she knows that I know that she knows who did it; jacked emergency brick of 48 AA batteries. It's been how long Dancing Pigeons? Current year = 2015, Wayback year = 2010 (mumbles while counting on fingers...), damn long time.

Scream into pillow. Look up and see reflection in ..... I have had enough of this!

Therefore, I shall play this very loud, share the (Redacted by Dept. of Public Decency hell out of the video. Afterwards, look at cameras.

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You might want to look at a secret battery hiding safe too, mate.

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I thought it was secret, silly me. Maybe the 'ol 4-pack x {integer} stashed in many places is the trick -- takes too long to bother with says InvisibleCat.

The cut of this on Vimeo is not as green. Might just be me. Fabulous ad.