DDB UK Remember a Charity and legendary stuntman Rocky Taylor break world record

The Remember A Charity Week aims to encourage more people to, after they have looked after friends and family, leave a gift to charity in their will. DDB UK found the perfect spokesperson, legendary Bond movie stuntman Rocky Taylor who is now 62. Since his skillset is "stunts" rather than speaking they had him break stunt record. The record for the largest breakaway glass structure smashed by a car was last broken on the set of the 2002 film Die Another Day, and it was smashed again the day before yesterday by Rocky. He added the extra twist (pun!) of slamming a car into it while it was spinning.

Rob Cope, Remember A Charity's Director, said: "Rocky is the perfect ambassador for us as no one knows the importance of writing a will more than a stuntman who puts their life on the line every day. But more than that, Rocky's eye-catching stunts are really helping draw attention to such a vital, but often forgotten, source of income for charities – legacy gifts. Most charities wouldn't exist if it weren't for the generous gifts left to them in people's wills. If just a further 4% of people in this country left a small gift to their favourite charity it would raise an additional £1billion a year for good causes, which is a phenomenal amount of money."

Chris Lapham, Creative Director at DDB UK, added: "It's not just the stuntman who's brave in this new advertising campaign, but the client too. To get people talking about a difficult subject, we've had to be ballsy and thanks to Remember A Charity having the guts to do something different, we feel we've created an idea that breaks the charity sector mould. And maybe a few bones too.'

Blablabla, we know what you want - lets watch Rocky crash shall we? KA-BLOOM!

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Anyone else feel a twinge of worry about Rocky there when the door swung open? I feared he was going to really hurt himself. Wow.