Dear Blank, Please blank = Funny.

Todays lovely internet-detour is dear blank please blank. "Smart you" probably meant to write abstain not sustain on the Mexican salsa advice... Or "smart you" isn't all that smart to begin with, I mean "dumb you" hasn't learned that salsa is hot yet.... But there's more on the site, and some are quite funny. Now, bored adfolks, spend some minutes snarking a dear blank please blank and submit them here so we can all laugh at our miserable lives together.

The Zombie apocalypse has already written one.

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Dear blank please blank:

You do realize this meme has a shorter shelf life than tuna fish left in
a car's trunk in August?

Sincerely, just checking.

Here's an Ad one:

Dear account people:

Last time I checked, the agency pays your salary. Not the client.

Sincerely, every creative department in the world.