Decapitated golden horse-head mailer freaks out brands in Sweden

Gyllene Hästen (the golden horse) are reminding agencies and clients out there that they're eligible for an award if they just enter. I was in the jury last year together with some old-school virtual friends of mine as we all used to hang out in the Swedish advertising forum Bold back in the day. At the end of a long day of casting votes we had two entries with the same score. We really wanted to saw the golden horse in half and call it a day.

Clas Ohlsons on the other hand, who received the horse-head depicted above freaked out. The note with it reads: "we know that you have clients in Dalarna... it's less than two weeks left" and it all sounds vaguely threatening. But all it's really doing is reminding the hardware-store chain Clas Ohlsons that they should hurry up and enter. Still Clas Ohlsons security manager phoned up the sender Jesper Wallerborg to have a word.

We got one too and will be using it to scar the offspring for life. Moahahaha.

The golden horse is based on the regionally traditional dalecarlian horse, it's a local award for advertising and events by regional agencies and for regional clients.

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