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This defies explanation, but the legs garters are quite nice. UPDATED!

Ladies and gentlemen, the Subservient Chicken from Burger King.

Here's some starter commands for y'all - So far, I've gotten him to flap, hop, jump, roll, hide, beg, moon, sit, scratch, run, and best of all, vogue! Find out what else he'll do, then add your finds to this post's comments.

This proves it folks. Crispin Porter + Bogusky has access to better drugs than us.

UPDATE: Collaborative credits also go to the fierce creatures at The Barbarian Group, who did a remarkable job with CP+B, so keep trying to catch'em all.

The site wasn't supposed to be officially live until Thursday night, but it had already received two million hits by noon Wednesday. Oops. Our bad. [grin]

The subservient chicken.

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You've had the chicken, now try the Subservient President! ... sincerest form of flattery and all that.

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Good morning Vietnam! Don't you think we already done that? ;)

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Is this in support of some new campaign, or just something to show that you "have it your way" with chicken as well? I get it -- I love it -- but I'm wondering if there's something I'm missing.

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Checked this out and then four people appeared from behind the couch! See if you can catch them too!

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However, Lewis did not rule out the possibility of the chicken popping up in one of Burger King's television ads.

Strange they didn't note in this article that the Chicken has already appeared in an ad where the girls make him pick up a pencil....

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"Have it Your Way" .. Mr. Chicken

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Burger King, the world's No. 2 hamburger chain, is moving forward with plans to capitalize on the success of its offbeat "Subservient Chicken" Web site while making sure to keep its hero below the mainstream radar. Branding experts think Burger King is doing the right thing by keeping the chicken out of the limelight, and said the mystique will allow it to retain its appeal among 20- to 30-year-olds who may not respond to more overt marketing. In CNN

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"Riverdance" works, too! Funny!

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Try duck, hump, lay an egg, strip, dance, play dead, and even fart!

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List of nearly every move you can make the chicken make - must have taken forever to do that........

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He does a nice tango too. Although I still one of my favorites so far is "spank yourself". Just funny.

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Try duck, hump, lay an egg, strip, dance, play dead, and even fart!

junyr's picture

"chicken or the egg" results in a mediocre, but humourous attempt at laying an egg, i think.

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This chicken is a suave dancer, he knows the hustle too - I'd take him out to boogie if he knew the Watusi and didn't think the Bristol Stomp was something kinky.

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I found the following commands also work: kneel, choke the chicken, wiggle, do the hokey pokey

The folks at mefi have now found this too, and they have succeeded in the following commands: camera, moonwalk, pushups, jumping jacks, burger, clapper, handstand, electric slide, egyptian, book, blanket, peekaboo, artichoke, flip me the bird

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and if you type "burger king" he gives a big thumbs up to the camera.
I love this idea. It ties in nicely with the "have it your way" theme of the Burger King brand. I'm not sure that it will result in a jump in sales but it's fun. Which means it could be aimed more at the current customers rather than as an attempt to attract new customers.

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"clapper" works as well!

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He does a mean Macarena - and a great impression of Arnold......

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*waves at all the Crispin folk coming out from behind the couch*

This ruined my day, I didn't get any work done. Type "McDonalds" and he'll nod 'no'.

Dabitch's picture

type "crispin" - hehehe

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IMHO, the BK TV campaign ain't borrowing from the BBC's The Office any more than The Office borrows from Office Space, The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin, Herman's Head, 9 to 5, Spinal Tap, Hee-Haw and every other sitcom and mockumentary out there.

On this slave chicken viral thing, it's kinda fun and interesting and gets Joe and Jane Public (and the advertising press/rival agencies) to voluntarily spread the word. And there's little wrong with that. That is, unless you're a funeral parlor or toxic waste facility.

As for the message, the sight does tell us right off that the chicken will let you have it your way. That's BK in a nutshell...errr... chicken outfit.

I think it's a hoot. Or a cluck.

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it is me or is this just a nice, fun, cyber viral representation of a really stupid pun? to me it's a looooooongggggg way to go for a ham, erm...chicken sandwich.

and um oh yeah, sorry but, do you think we might want to actually sell something while we're busy being weird, and um, borrowing from the office?

but i'll bet all the ad agencies will be impressed with it.

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He ain't a housetrained chicken.....

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Try, "Crispon Porter + Bogusky" then their correct spelling, "Crispin Porter + Bogusky" Different results.

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"Make chicken sandwich" is rather cute....

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the following commands come from adland's adlist:
sit like a girl, do the worm, pole dance, strip, and "do a somersault" gets interesting results.