Deutsche bank right or wrong about TV commercials?

Last Monday, AdAge dropped a bomb with an article headlined TV Advertising doesn't work for packaged goods, citing the Deutsche Bank study "Commercial Noise: Why TV Advertising Doesn't Work for Mature Brands" - showing that brand packaged goods get very poor returns.
Today Richard Tomkins at the Finacial Times takes on that article head on, pointing out that it relies on the old-fashioned idea of measuring brand awareness in short-term only. That is not how the Branding TV-vodoo works.

Yet somewhere at the back of my mind I hear the insistent voice of Philip Wrigley, son of William Wrigley, founder of the chewing-gum company, addressing this question of value for money. Asked during a transcontinental flight why Wrigley went on spending so much on advertising when its products were already successful, he replied: "For the same reason the pilot of this plane keeps the engines running when we're already 29,000ft up."
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For every time we read a new study stating that the Ad TV model is obsolete, not working as ... the ad industry creates a "Robert Heath" counter-reply :)
The human mind, its motivations and leading actions are infinitely complex .. so there you go, you have: neuroscientists, profilers, social-trend watchers, influencers, psychologists, hidden persuaders, marketers, voodo creatives, et al working on the same industry and looking for new ways to sell more. Brand new, brave world we live in. PS - Nevertheless the TV paradigm is changing, and yes I do believe it's a medium that is getting saturated and intrusive, there are other mediums much more effective and with a greta creative potential. But ther you go ... it doesn't pay-off .. money speaking!!!