Diet Coke: 30th Birthday.

To celebrate its 30th anniversary of pumping chemicals in refreshing fans with its lovely goodness, Diet Coke And W+K has launched its 30th birthday celebration. How, you ask? By throwing lucky fans 30-second parties!

And hey, if YOU want to be eligible for this bash, from July 29 through August 1, just tweet @DietCokeUS to request a 30-second party of your own. And then just sit back and...well you know the legalese and what not. Basically two bashes will be real, the rest will be case study fodder, innit?

I thought it was a long way to go for a ham sammy, too. Never mind the cola.

This kinda stuff is only marginally more probable to happen to you than the Ricola Mystery Cougher, or The Pepsi Challenge for that matter.

But the beauty of it for Diet Coke is this: lots of PR bang for minimal work.
Really though. A contest is a contest. In the timeline of advertising ideas this predates prehistoric.

Not that I'm hatin', mind you! Because hey, if I get presented with a Publishers Clearinghouse-sized check for a year's supply of Diet Coke, I'll definitely take it! As long as it's in cans and not bottles. Because everybody knows it's better in cans.

So yeah I'll play your game, Diet Coke. I'll tweet you. Then I expect you to throw me a party, give me my check and get off my lawn by the thirty-first second, ya hipster whippersnappers!

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Wow, is it really 30 years of women in offices fawning over a gay man?