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Disabling the swipe in iPad mag-ads - it's been done & Badlanded.

Warning Warning! Really annoying disabling of magazine-function in ads on iPads will soon get really tiresome - scratch that, it is already.

Seems that the sway/pro-bono-type clients are the only ones who dare try this trick, Amnesty started it with the ad that would not swipe away in an iPad newspaper. Sure, fine, that ad makes a good point, but disabling a function to make that point is hella risky.

And now, another one. This one not only disables the swipe, it also goes a bit HBO True Blood on us and leaves trails of blood dripping where our fingers have touched the screen. Point made. Gotcha. Now can I please be able to turn the page? Pretty pretty pleez? I paid out of my nose for this special iPad edition you know.

Really, as much as I like these ideas, don't make it a habit folks.

(Gosh I hope I beat the badland ninja joelapompe to this one.. Else I owe him a wedgie.)

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