Donny Commemorative Plate

Gareth Kay, an ad planner over at Modernista!, has a web blog with a brilliant entry about Donny Deutsch, "The cult of personality."

But the reason for posting this today is my friend has just discovered this picture of a commemorative plate that Donny had made for himself. Quite possibly one of the funniest things I've ever seen - and it's a real thing, not a photoshop joke. It's also pretty scary seeing he is the public face of US advertising.

Click on the link to see the plate. Donny might be able to make some extra cash by selling these plates to skeet shooting adgrunts. ;)

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hahahahahaha.. That is brilliant.

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Are you really suprised that this brash, obnoxious, ego-maniacal muscle-head would go to these lengths to immortalize himself? He sure ain't doing so with the work his agency does!

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I must respectfully disagree with your dim view of Deutsch's work, CopyWhore. In my humble opinion, they are doing some of the most inspired, original and memorable creative out there. Like that, uh, toe nail fungus character. Brilliant! And. . . um. . . you know. . . er, that other thing that they did for. . . uh, the name escapes me. . . well, that was pretty darn good, too.

CopyWhore's picture

You must be thinking of those mind-blowing Mitsubishi spots. You know, the ones with the hit songs... Nothing like the creative power of a top 10 hit to forever change the way you think about an automobile.... And wait: let's not forget that subtle, intelligent Old Navy campaign that makes you wish you thought of it yourself! You're right, troymclure. I haven't given Donny the credit he deserves!

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It's when they used DEVO they really hurt my head. the HORROR... The Horror!. I guess it could be worse. It could be "we built this city on Rock'n'Rooooooo-ooooll".

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THANX now I'll have that tune in my head for the rest of the night. *argh*!!

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Ignoring the horrible music here, Donny is best summed up in this clip. Big Idea Clip Three.