Don't sing Pias tune - Danish political viral.

The 8th of February Denmark heads to the polls. As you might know, Venstre [V] ("the left" which confusingly enough are the conservative right) the Conservative People Party Konservative Folkeparti [C] and the Danish People Party are in the current government and hope to be re-elected.

Pia Kjærsgaards party DPP however is anti-EU and anti-immigration in many ways. (see brief commentary at Worldpress) and there are quite a few who don't want to see them re-elected. Let the political ad games begin. has launched Denmark's first non-party affiliated political ad, all they want is for people to realize that a vote for any of the above parties will result in the same type of coalition government that Denmark has today, so it is in effect a vote for Pia as V and C can not govern without her parties support.
Download the ad (Quicktime) here and pass it on.

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clarification - Danish politics are as mad as stoned mathematicians to me, but to clarify, Pias DPP party is only a "weigher in" so to speak , during this coalition, rather than actually having lots of seats in government. On the other hand, the current government is bending over backwards to please her and her party as they will never have the majority without her and her party. This is why you should for anything else. If you need my suggestion, try the humanistic party.

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