Doubt , excuses and magic writer fairy dust.

Ty Hutchinson who managed to both be a copywriter by day and author of Chop Suey (A Darby Stansfield Thriller) by night, goes on a bit of a rant against those people who want so much, but have excuses for everything. It's pretty funny.

This person then said she hoped to write a book one day too.
I hate when people say this.
You know why? It's weak. What do you mean you hope to write a book one day? Are those not two fucking arms I see on each side of your body with two capable hands at either end? Did you not study reading comprehension and writing in grade school? These people act as if they have no control over what they do in life. You have all the control. Just do it. Go write something. Who cares if it's terrible? At least you did it. Do it more. You’ll get better.
Whoa, calm down Ty. Nope. In the last two years, I've heard so many people tell me why they can’t write a book. I'm sick of hearing the million and one excuses on why they can't. I mean, if these people are so sure that they can't, why the fuck are they telling me they want to write in the first place? What do they hope to come of it? Was I to reach into my pocket and sprinkle magic author dust on them? I think that's what people want. It's true. Whenever I play along and smile and say, "Of course you can, you just need to sit down and write." They come back with an excuse. I’ll go on to say, "No really, you can." Before I can even get that out of my mouth, they're spitting out another excuse. Same story each time.

It's not just wanna-be authors that do this, we've seen the same from wanna-be DJs, wanna-be Directors, wanna-be artists and so on.

This is where old Nike slogans come in handy kids. You know what I'm saying. I had many reasons for not building this website so many moons ago, for one thing I didn't know the first thing about Linux, php, mysql or running a web server myself and that stuff was expensive back then. But you've seen me get so geeky I've even added car sponges to a heat exhausted server to keep things running smoothly as a creative hardware hack.

No more excuses.

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