Esure ad director dishes dirt, man advertises for strippers, RSS with ads?

Michael Winner who directed those Esure adverts delivered a blistering attack on the adworld in Campaign Creative Conferance last night. He accused the industry of having "its head so far up its own bottom that it only sees daylight if it opens its mouth". more at the Telegraph

Disgruntled employee puts an ad out for strippers at the Chinese governmental headhunting Website, and signed it his former employers "Shanghai Senyangmei Investment Development Co". The result? Senyangmei Investment are banned from using the governmant website.

Misdirected ads in RSS feeds turns people off - as Wired reports about the rise of ads in RSS feeds and equal amount of bloggers are talking about dropping feeds from their readers due to ads. Noah in the first link speaks wise words There’s only two rules you need for advertising: it must not interfere with reading your content, and must be relevant to your readers.

Last, a link with a silly film in it. What do people do with the photocopiers after work? Not much it seems. We know what you get up to

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