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Etermedia - Sites you can not live without!

"Åtta oumbärliga sajter Eight websites you can not do without.

"Here you'll find the commercials from 32 years of Superbowls. Here you'll find 35000 memebrs hanging out, which makes this probably the worlds largest community for advertising and marketing. Adland is run by a swede, Åsk Wäppling alias Dabitch, who lives in Copenhagen. The site is a miracle of functionality and a great example that hard perserverance creates wonders on the web - Åsk Wäppling started the site already back in 1996. Here you'll find plagiators revealed, and here all aspects of commercials are discussed. The archive is enormous, at least 17000 films available for a low fee.

The part that had me most chuffed was our score! (5 being the best): Content: 5 Structure: 4 Design: 3 Yeay! The stat-porn in the blurb is off by tenthousand commercials and twentythousand members at the mo' but this changes every day, so if you are curious don't miss our little (now defunkt) stats page where the numbers are always up-to-the-minute. :)

Original LInk to Etermedia and the only place you can view this today the Waybackmachine.

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