Even more Future Lions entries - peek into the future!

Future Lions 2011 Entries

Here is a set of Future Lions entries I have managed to dig out from all over the web. Some of the ideas are purely fantastic, some of them are not - well, here it's you who judge. Enjoy watching!

btw., I haven't put them in any particular order, so if you are the author of e.g. the last video don't hate me :)

First video is an idea for Dunkin' Donuts:

Second is for iPad, though I am not sure if it's an advertising idea (still wonderful stuff really):

iSense from Kikki Tham Sterner on Vimeo.

Third is made to make quitting smoking a lil bit easier:

Future Lions - The Game of Death from johan rude on Vimeo.

What follows is a reality show that features burgers:

Future Lions - The Burger Reality Show from Sergio & Julián on Vimeo.

Sixth idea is for Arriva:

The Arriva Dashboard - AKQA Future Lions from Tom Hoad on Vimeo.

Seventh video for Volkswagen:

NIGHT DRIVER from Ce on Vimeo.

8 (I know, I am getting lazy now): Nike

Nike Playmaker from Shahak Shapira on Vimeo.

9: Kindle

Amazon Kindle Story Maker from Nicolas Mizrahi on Vimeo.

10: McDonalds

Burger Roulette from Shahak Shapira on Vimeo.

11: My Red Pet

Future Lions - My Red Pet from Sonia F. & Julián Q. on Vimeo.

12: WWF

World Wildlife Fund (WWF) - Rescue Booth from Alex Nassour on Vimeo.

Ok, that's it for now. What do you think of these?


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Hmmm. The iSense idea is nice (though I wonder what material they would use). Austin Seraphin wrote my first week with an iPhone, and he goes on a bit about the Accessible Apps, and reminds app developers to follow the guidelines in place which he notes that iPhone apps have (for the most part). But the real kicker is his killer app:

The other night, however, a very amazing thing happened. I downloaded an app called Color Identifier. It uses the iPhone’s camera, and speaks names of colors. It must use a table, because each color has an identifier made up of 6 hexadecimal digits. This puts the total at 16777216 colors, and I believe it. Some of them have very surreal names, such as Atomic Orange, Cosmic, Hippie Green, Opium, and Black-White. These names in combination with what feels like a rise in serotonin levels makes for a very psychedelic experience.
I have never experienced this before in my life. I can see some light and color, but just in blurs, and objects don’t really have a color, just light sources. When I first tried it at three o’clock in the morning, I couldn’t figure out why it just reported black. After realizing that the screen curtain also disables the camera, I turned it off, but it still have very dark colors. Then I remembered that you actually need light to see, and it probably couldn’t see much at night. I thought about light sources, and my interview I did for Get Lamp. First, I saw one of my beautiful salt lamps in its various shades of orange, another with its pink and rose colors, and the third kind in glowing pink and red.. I felt stunned.
The next day, I went outside. I looked at the sky. I heard colors such as “Horizon,” “Outer Space,” and many shades of blue and gray. I used color cues to find my pumpkin plants, by looking for the green among the brown and stone. I spent ten minutes looking at my pumpkin plants, with their leaves of green and lemon-ginger. I then roamed my yard, and saw a blue flower. I then found the brown shed, and returned to the gray house. My mind felt blown. I watched the sun set, listening to the colors change as the sky darkened. The next night, I had a conversation with Mom about how the sky looked bluer tonight. Since I can see some light and color, I think hearing the color names can help nudge my perception, and enhance my visual experience. Amazing!

In short, if there ever was a computer product that some sort of molecule-sheeting that magically turns things into braille could work on, I'm sure the iPad is it. The real question is, what the hell is that sheet made of? You can already hook the iPhone to a braille-display btw.

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"Nike Playmaker" has mysteriously gone private (wtf?) - but here's another nike idea tweeted to @adland:

One World. One Stadium. from Semyon on Vimeo.