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Everyone gets a meme

No sooner had the Jr Art Director meme made the rounds through the worlds ad agencies, when the Creative Director meme fired up. Seems everyone that isn't at #Eurobest or tied down currently working on an Easter Sale of peeps brief is wasting billable hours smirking and making sarcastic lines for these memes.

Sadly, the copywriter meme has barely anything on it yet, possibly proving that the AD's actually work while the writers waste their time making memes all day. :P (Or that art people can't write their way out of a paper bag with the worlds sharpest pencil - take your pick). We're looking forward to more predictable advertising memes. Why hasn't anyone started a meme for the dayrate ninja freelancer, the digital strategy whutsit director, and those poor sods in traffic yet? You're slacking peoples.

P.S. The Creative Director knows people, like that Jr Art Director meme guy, and he fired his ass.

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