Evian and other Waters

The old "fish prefers mineral water" gag is enough to make me cry - commando.com has also collected a bunch in his archives - here are three examples from around the planet...

Like a fish in water......

Client: Sole, a mineral water.

Agency: Orgasm Advertising
AD: Jeff de Wolf
CW: Sorry, I don't know, if you know please tell me.
Line reads:
There ain't none....
Seen In: Archive 1995 or 1996, I can't find this back issue so anyone else out there who knows anything about this ad please tell me so that I can get the facts straight. I know that this ad is a few years old, of that I am sure.

Client: Evian. another mineral water.
Agency: Messner Vetere Berger Schettener/Euro RSCG
New York (Say that ten times fast!)
AD: Guy Seese
CW: James Cheung
Line reads: Again, no line. : )
Seen In: Archive no 4 1999.

NewsFlash! See I knew this idea was old and thanks to the lovely Wanda and her Teabaggerfriends, here's a Billi award winner from 1991. It's even in the hall of fame.

Well, what can I say kids? The fish and mineral water is an old old old idea, it's got whiskars on it for crying out loud! I was sure I could dig up some more examples (I've seen Vichy Noveu one, a really funny film/cgi- example of the same idea.) but this is what I have for now. (please don't hesitate to send me more if you have spotted any).

I actually like the Art Direction of the Evian and the girl one, it looks a little, make that more or less exactly
like the Kookai ad where the girl keeps a tiny man in a fishbowl.
Ops, so that isn't very original either.....Those Kookai ads won awards in Cannes 1998. Kookai.com.au have that image under "Ecards", and it looks a little like this:

Ok, so it's blue instead of pink, a blond and not a brunette, and the image is mirrored, but does it not remind you of that Evian ad with it's shiny skinned bony armed porcelain doll girl? Not even just a tad?
Hmmmm, must be just me then. Hit that comment button!

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