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Experts in India ponder if more talent is needed

Advertising in India lacks talent according to this article and their "experts".

In a scenario like this, the advertising industry is witnessing a booming opportunity in all segments across industries and markets. One of the key hurdles the advertising fraternity needs to overcome was spelt out at the AAAI diamond jubilee symposium. The future of advertising was that of the dearth of creative talent in the industry today.

"Talent remains to be a major issue in India today. Television is a medium, which has still a lot of opportunity in this market; TV penetration here has good growth potential. Despite fragmentation, TV and film are still the most cost effective ways of developing brands. And the need of the hour is clearly harnessing of creative talent to meet the mammoth of an opportunity," said Michael Birkin, vice-chairman, Omnicom.

Birkin then touched upon the subject of how in recent times brands have gone into a mode of reinventing themselves from time to time. "To keep reinventing a brand is impractical and dangerous. The focus should be on refreshing the brand within the confines of what it fundamentally stands for."

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how long will they keep peddling this crock? those who think there is a shortage of talent are acting blind. i feel the only thing the ad industry lacks today is the ability to spot talent.

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couldn't agree with you more, adlova.

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Nodding in agreement with ya!