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Facebook connection got Draft FCB Creative Director arrested for attempted murder.

Anders Dalenius Facebook

Back in April, anyone who followed the @adland twitter account soon saw my "wth!?" tweets about the shooting in the Old Town, as soon after the shots echoed over cobble stoned streets, Anders Dalenius the Creative Director of Draft/FCB Stockholm was arrested as a suspect, prompting my flurry of wtf-tweets. Having a Creative Director walk home with he Golden Egg award for film one day and then be arrested for attempted murder the next was really far off the map.

Flashback, a forum known for it's gossip-fodder, often true and often outlandish, began spinning on all sorts of theories as to why the CD was picked up by police for this, and found only a small connection between the CD and the ex-wife of the man shot - it was a connection on facebook - and they're connected because they once went to the same philosophy classes in college.


Flashback gossip also noted that Facebook could very well be the CD's alibi as he status updated that he was on his way home with food, getting ready to prepare a nice dinner approx. 15 minutes after the shots were fired, and to paraphrase 'only Hannibal Lecter discusses mustard after a murder'.

But it took the police in Sweden a whole 18 hours to release Anders Dalenius from jail, and the 28th of April he was written out of the case.

Another man has now been sentenced for the crime.

Not happy with having been incarcerated for 18 hours due to a single flimsy facebook connection, Anders Dalenius has now reported both the police and the DA in the case to the Parliamentary Ombudsman, and he has his lawyer filing suit against Realtid.se for slander and defamation of character as they in their eagerness to be the first with the juicy news, republished what was nothing but wild speculations and soap-opera style theories of who fathered which children found in the Flashback threads.

Seems most everyone needs to go back to school and the social studies classes where we learned to consider the source, including the cops who have learned to use facebook but forgot to check recent updates.

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