Facebooks new photo-tagging feature could make you the face of Coke/Pepsi/Insert-Brand-here

Ever wanted to be the face of Pepsi? Like Britney shaking her tush in a multi-million dollar ad, making you an 'exceptional earner', and envied by your peers? Well, your time in the limelight is here, you can endorse your favorite brand on facebook. You already have, sorta, by clicking all those "Like" buttons, but we're talking in tagging now.

If a friend captures a photo of you holding a can of pop, said can of pop can be tagged just like your face in the facebook album. Facebook announced Photo tagging for Pages on Wednesday and are quick to to try and quell any privacy concerns:

The privacy of the photo is always respected when a Page is tagged in a photo. If a photo post is published to “everyone,” then it can appear publicly on the Photos tab of the Page and the Page admins can see it. If it’s just published for someone’s friends, only their friends will be able to see that photo.

The Atlantic, who rightly calls it product placement notes that soon you probably won't even have to tag the products yourself;

It's conceivable that, soon enough, you won't need to tag the Pages in your photos, but that Facebook will do it for you, demanding that, once you're photographed with an object, you're forever associated with it. Coke would love that.

I can't wait until we find a photo of a top level Greenpeace person, chomping away at a bar of Kit-Kat. I for one, am going to tag the hell out of that.

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We are living in an M. T. Andersoncyberpunk novel: Feed

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You are what you buy!