Fifty shades of Grey Advertising - a smutty tumblr for bored writers

Clearly, people don't have enough to do at the agencies around the world in July, an assumption I base on all the writing that is submitted to the Fifty Shades Of Grey Advertising website. Yep, a tumblr dedicated to making a day at Grey (or any agency) sound like bad smut. "I discovered I was a submissive when I joined my first ad agency." admits the sites creator, and it seems they have found friends.

As I laid Babydoll on the table, my gaze admired her perfect proportions. Though she didn’t utter a single word, it was as if her body was saying, begging even, “Mount me.” That’s all the encouragement I needed. I turned Babydoll over, sprayed on the adhesive and mounted her on black foamboard. Now that I had Babydoll, Floral Dress and Vintage Jacket mounted, we were ready for the Zara presentation.

While it's no Reach and Frequency it also doesn't seem to be announcing the launch of an agency that nobody ever heard from again, so lets all giggle at the tired old ad-innuendos we know so well and waste a few billable minutes on it.

As her partner reached for the door, she could feel her pulse racing in anticipation. “I’ve never done it in a group before,” she gasped, as she squeezed her partner’s hands. “Don’t you think starting out with 8 men at once is a bit too much?” she asked, both excited and nervous at the same time. “Don’t worry, I’ve told the boys to go easy on you,” her partner reassured her. “Besides, with enough lubrication, it’ll feel effortless,” her partner quipped with a wink.
She nodded, ready to face her audience. As they entered the Pitch Room of Pain, the room fell silent as once, as 8 pairs of eyes fell on her. She felt as though they were attempting to peer into her mind. She knew she was in for a long night. “Boys, this is Sheila, the new junior art director. She’ll be joining our little brainstorm tonight!”
“Welcome, Sheila,” one of the boys, a senior writer, said, as she handed her a can of ice cold beer. “Here, have some mental lubrication.”

Image contains ties suck tie from ThinkGeek.

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