Finalists have been announced for the Advertising Walk of Fame

Apparently, some advertising organization is behind turning Madison and 50th into the Hollywood Boulevard of NY, only in this case, names of famous advertising characters will be immortalized in the sidewalk.

The title of this shenanigans? The Advertising Walk of Fame. If you want to find out more -- and perhaps vote for characters like Mr. Clean, the Energizer Bunny, and Charlie Tuna -- visit Read more about this on, too. If you care.

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Dabitch's picture

was the maytag man and madge the manicurist not good enough to get stars? Only animated adcharacters to vote for... *pout*

caffeinegoddess's picture

Where's the poll? I couldn't find it on the site. :/

AnonymousCoward's picture

A walk of fame for advertising professionals? How utterly arrogant. What makes an advertising employee anymore famous than say, a guy who works the line making widgets?

Sure David Ogilvy is famous in the world of advertising and to us creatives, but to anyone outside the field, he's unknown.

AnonymousCoward's picture

I think a public event that would be more popular would be to vote for your most hated spots. Than have a meet and throw rotton veggies at the people who made the ad.

I mean, not only do you get to see the faces behind the dreded machine called advertising, but you can egg them too. I'd go.

Robblink's picture

Oh goody! That means the "Infomercial Walk of Fame" isn't too far behind! I plan on voting for the Flow-Bee!

Dabitch's picture

I'll vote for the cult of Ronco with his set-it-and-forget-it widget!