#FollowFriday : The #adpeeps who tweet

Yesterday I asked who it there works in advertising on twitter - I figure other adpeeps will also want to find friend in the field out there. It's far too easy to find all the social media experts out there, but what about the discreet designers, the quirky copywriters, the always panicky producers and other fun stereotypes. We probably have a lot in common, that's why I want to find and follow all of you lot.

As a bunch of people retweeted my tweet, I've found lot of fresh new people to follow and here they are. From my highly unscientific polling here, it looks like there are more writers on twitter than artfolk. That can't be right.

Ad people:
darrellwhitelaw, been following him for a while now, because he laughs at my jokes. ;-) Kiddin. He's an an Art Director and Visual Designer in NYC.
thegirlriot a Copywriter into strategy, content management, and branding - also in NYC.
BetaRish is "a restless copywriter and poet seeking sales and stanzas everywhere" over in jolly old London.
jasonoke is a planning director "and a virgo, in case you were wondering". I dig virgos. ;-)
garethk I'm a planning director in the wilds of Boston MA
trevorcolom is a brand consultant / thinker / former planning director.
GrantSanders a writer who is in "Nantucket, mostly"
justinmccammon copywriter in Colorado.
nsedef threw her hands up and quipped " so much for the low profile" - she describes herself as a reluctant marketer. You're so outed now girl.
BBHLabs has two people tweeting from that name, they are malbonnington in New York & Melex in London.
Caff is our own caffeinegoddess "Copywriter/ACD type in Boston"
kellimarks another writer! She tweets " I work at @cjrwadvertising with @bryanjones and @cagolden" so in that tweet we scored three people and one agency, yeay! (except @cagolden is a locked profile so I figure we'll leave her off this list)
Fountainjohn is another copywriter reporting for duty located in Henley on Thames, England
gregbond does it all in Atlanta, where Texturl defends the words as well as his missus adgrrl. I'm currently in a phase of deep lust for Atlanta so I'm very seriously considering house-swapping with those two fine folk, course that means I gotta clean up around here first, egad. ;-9
Representing Philadelphia is a copywriter named jayninedee
adtothebone is our own Claymore who reveals his ad-path: creative director (previously producer, writer, art director & freelance designer)
swissarmywife hollers "Hi, I'm an Account Supervisor, splitting my time between Philly and Milwaukee."
MeJayne invents a cool title: "I'm a planning director but much prefer curious mind meets digital enthusiast"
shazell a planner in TO with these matters on the brain
tromlov meets both #adpeeps and #productionpeeps criteria by being a commercial producer.

Want to alert us to your presence? Comment here and/or tweet to #adpeeps I've found many more agencies and ad people, I just figured that those who want to play should use the hash tag!

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Great list! Add one more planner to the pile: @libbyander (also a virgo)

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Libby! How are you doing? Good to see you on here!