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Ford Evil Twin SportKa is too evil

Ford Sports Ka The Evil twin - is a little too evil in one of the commercials apparantly. In the ad a pigeon swoops down to the bonnet of the car, but the evil car defends itself and whacks the bird away.

People who fancy pigeons are condeming the advert (suprise!). Brian Tattersall, president of the Royal Pigeon Racing Association, calls the ad "incredibly bad taste" and he has called for the advert to be banned.

Even the RSPCA has joined in the battle to bad the advert, claiming that the use of shock tactics to cause offence and gain publicity is just "very, very bad taste."

"The car is most certainly not designed to hurt animals." said a spokeswoman for Ford to Ananova

(psssst! To view the ad at the The Evil twin site, just click on "highlights" - more ads will appear there soon)

Update Friday, April 02, 2004: the ford Cat is here Ford Sportka – Cat (0:30) (2004) (UK)

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This is poor taste and won't be allowed on UK screens. However, The camera is positioned in a specific manner along with the car. In reality, it's unlikely to be all
real as it is too 'set up'. The whole thing must have been digitally created as the chances of this happening went you want it to are pretty remote. It is very difficult to tell whether what you see is actually real. I would rather think it's not. If anyone knows any better, maybe they could add a comment.


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Change "won't be allowed" to "was allowed" because this thing aired back in 2003 (check the date on the article) and the pigeon people actually did complain when it aired.

And yes, the whole thing is done in CGI.

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the RSPCA said using shock tactics was in very very bad taste? Some of their ads use shock tactics in the same way.

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:ew: the sloppy sound when the bird hits the pavement makes me shiver. I can see this ad being emailed between mates with slapstick/jackass tastes, much like any faces of death found on Kazaa. But will it sell cars? Mind you, I'd fancy a little more evil city car....

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Taking the Windex (it is Windex, isn't it?) concept a bit further?

What the spot doesn't show you: the owner returns to find the hood of his car dented beyond repair. Does the famous Kia warrenty cover body damage?

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It is obvious that some people just have no sense of humour.
I notice there is plenty of controversy over the pidgeon ad but what about the cat? I think most of these people are just not happy about this because it is what most of us would like a car to really do. Who wants to clean up pidgeon muck or get into a car that stinks of cat pee. I say well don to the advertisers and get a life to those who have poo pooed the ad.

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I want an evil car, one that doesn't get full of pigeon shit as soon as it stops. This is good.

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Real cat but not actually de-cat-itated for real.

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Who in the world is naive enough to think that was real? Flattering to the post house though.

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