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Forget the PDF, save a tree, save as WWF

WWF.de have come up with an idea to help us decide which documents don't need to waste paper, the save as WWF option. Forget tired old PDF's, most of these PDF's don't have to be printed at all, why not alert the recipient from the get-go by making your PDF impossible to print? Just download the WWF software, and you'll have the unprintable pdf option WWF available in your adobe.

Only available for Mac osX right now, but a windows version is coming soon. Brilliant! Save as WWF, save a tree! The paperless office might finally arrive.

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Looks like a good idea. IMHO there is only one (1) not printable file, one that the OS cannot read, i.e., corrupted. For everyday use by office people? Go for it. I won't post how to print .WWF [locked pdf] because that is a homework assignment.

The video is typical almost over the top sell. Trees are the easiest renewable resource to manage. Unfortunately management is inconsistent.

Paperless office? Not in my lifetime. First time I heard the term used was in the mid 1980s. Did not happen then and isn't happening now.

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I will: full screendump -> send to print. Sheesh people there is no such thing as "impossible" on a computer today, just "harder".

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So easy to print or save on mac. Preview is the mac's system PDF reader. Now I have to see if this mac only (at this time) tool locks out Preview options globally. If so, it is a hinderance to other documents. Example of Preview printing:

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