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Formerly bullied kids bully the Comviq ad off the air.

Daft ad film "ban" of the week, Comviq has decided to withdraw their new film "Choir" because viewers have taken offense at what they perceive is a film glorifying bullying, rather than a homage to another film.

Clearly a homage to the award winning Tack choir for Radiotjänst, it contended in Cannes and pulled home a bunch of Swedish awards including a Roy galan award. In this campaign, spontaneous choirs randomly sing thanks to unsuspecting people for paying their TV license.

The information director of Comviq, Pernilla Oldmark, said to Resumé:

"We are opposed to all forms of bullying, and listened to the criticism so we decided to remove the film from our campaign."

Who complained? Viewers? Man on the street? Current Comviq customers like myself? No, apparently media complained.

It has become a huge debate in the media during this weekend, but we haven't heard anything from or customers.

Which media complained? Tabloids! Aftonbladet Debatt, Expressen, and Aftonbladet again, where Ann-Sofie who was bullied throughout school says the ad "makes her sick" and says that as soon as she saw the ad she threw herself on the phone and gave TV4 a piece of her mind for airing it. According to Aftonbladet, 25 people have already reported the ad to the advertising ombudsman.

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For more Bullying, see the tag bully where you'll find the 1998 withdrwan Tango ad campaign, pulled because the crazy Tango Men with megaphones were bullying "the fat kid" and making it socially acceptable to do so (that's what the complainers said). It's a bit more violent n that they invade a mans home, and in the end force him to read a message to the camera, much like we see in kidnapping videos....

Megaphone teasing, Invasion, message.