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Frickin' Chicken hating street preacher is a lone loon.

An update on that frickin' chicken thing, one half of WordsandPictures emailed to say:

Did a little looking online and found out the people making the complaint picketed the opening of the Civil War Museum with a banner reading “Proof America Condones Sodomy”. I don’t even GET that, but then I’m not crazy. ;-)

here's their comic take on it all.

A street preacher wants to voice his opinion? That is news. No wonder it's been covered by everybody from FoxNews to Eyewitness News (whose headline, "Sandwich billboard upsets neighbourhood," suggests an entire community up in arms vs. a solitary evangelical couple). In fact, a Google search reveals nine thousand, six hundred and fifty articles on the Frickin' Chicken fiasco, some of which reference the Sucecs only as "critics," which implies legitimacy, or as a "local family," which sounds infinitely more empathetic than "excitable street preachers".

What absolutely none of those articles seem to mention is that the complainants are the same Michael and Sheri Sucec who protested the opening of the National Civil War Museum with a banner reading "Proof America Condones Sodomy". This was during a ceremony to honour the war dead, incidentally. So, you know, clearly a credible source.

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