Gabbing with Gustav and Gustav: CP+B Europe ECD and CEO of Burt about remix culture

What is the future of advertising and communication in the remix culture of today? What can advertising learn from the new pop culture?

"I'd say, do something, learn, and then improve it" asserts Gustav von Sydow, founder and CEO of Burt.
"Advertising is much more about keeping momentum" offers Gustav Martner, the Executive Creative Director of Crispin Porter and Bogusky, Europe.

We delve into strategy, and product development as an answer to a communication brief, possibilities that are within reach today thanks to improvements in technology. Who owns the idea these days?

"How to charge, or how to pay for ideas has always been a struggle in the industry. I think we need to reevaluate on how we're charging for stuff, together with clients, maybe the best deal would be to share the risks. Because the more risks you're taking, the more profit you will get, if you're successful. "
- Gustav Martner

Gustav von Sydow, who has founded BURT which is busy removing the gap between creativity and technology with ideas like CopyBox - the photoshop for copywriting and RICH metrics that tell you how your creative banners really are doing, thinks we might be hiding from the truth.

"I think that we are using the future as an escape route. [...] We're not evaluating how we've done in the past, at least in terms of digital. We're talking about all these new platforms and new opportunities and new ways of doing things.... where, as I said in the speech, we still can't produce decent banners."
- Gustav von Sydow

Of course, I had to ask Gustav Martner how does it feel to be CP+B Europe and he declared: "It's great, it's quite an adventure" despite suddenly having a boss again, which he hasn't had in ten years. But these aren't your regular bosses.

"People like Alex Bogusky, Chuck Porter and Jeff Hicks ... they are just great people, it's the best job you can have, pretty much."
- Gustav Martner

You can eavesdrop on the seminar they held at Eurobest Remix: What Advertising Can Learn From The New Pop Culture which we broadcasted live.

Gustav von Sydow's blog, on twitter as @vonsydow
Gustav Martner CP+B Europe, on twitter as @martner

Camera and edit Thomas Romlov

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