G.A.P launches F.A.T

Forth & Towne is the name of Gap Inc.'s new store concept aimed at women over 35 who don't want to shop at their Banana Republic and aren't ready for Old Navy yet.
Businessweek reports:

Forth & Towne -- Gap's first new chain in a decade -- aims to appeal to boomer women, who grew up with Gap, but with whom the store "lost touch," said Paul Pressler, president and chief executive

Meanwhile, Snark Hunting are chuckling over the new name: "......it’s worth noting that they chose to present the name with an ampersand instead of spelling it out as pronounced, a la Forth And Towne. Why is anybody’s guess.
In the article, Gap President Paul Pressler weighed-in, calling F.A.T. a "sizable opportunity".

That's priceless.
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Finally a vehicle for SNL's "Mom Jeans".

Pleated in the front for extra Fupa comfort.

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They can easily position themselves as the retro choice for older boomer women wishing to relieve their hippy college days; F.A.T. just needs to unviel the following product line:

Forth AndTown Collection of Unbleached Natural Tunics

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hahahaha, over at Snarkhunting GaryVision suggests that they got the name from this intersection near the GAP headquarters. I think Gary is right.

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Must be. It seems like a lame attempt to sound like vaguely "SAKS Fifth Avenue." Except psuedo-European, with the non-standard "e."

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Non-standard for Americans, that is.