Gap "plaid cheer" spawns "Lady GapGap in Plaid Romance"

Crispin, Porter + Bogusky are behind all the plaid cheer stunts the Gap is doing this holiday season. They've sent a troupe of professional dancers around the country in a plaid tourbus to bring cheers to Gap stores. They didn't just do a “traveling cheer squad and drumline”, they also have created the site , posters and the Gap Cheer Plaid Holiday commercial.

"Gap always brings great style and tremendous spirit to the holiday season," said Ivy Ross, Executive Vice President of Marketing. "This year we wanted to add a dose of optimism and joy to the season by spreading holiday cheer across the country and asking America to show us how they celebrate. Our energetic cheer squad and drumline will no doubt bring the Christmas and holiday spirit to life and bring a smile to all this season."

But wait, there's more - Gap handed video cameras to their employees and asked them to create a "Plaid Cheer" video for a contest, and lots of Gap employees had fun dancing around in plaid shirts, including this bunch fronted by a guy with the worlds worst wig, silver eyelashes and fancy footwork despite those high heels. "Here is our Gap Cheer video. We missed the deadline for the contest, but wanted to share anyway!" the Gap group says. I give you: Plaid Romance. Lady GapGap. from the people at the Gap Store 1604, Roseville, MN

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