George Parker on Beancast: Ducks gone wild.


George Parker on Beancast: Ducks gone wild.

Beancast #63 ducks Gone wild has a celeb panel you don't want to miss, Angela is on again, and Greg Verdino, is on but then George Parker of Adscam steals the show, as you'd expect George to do, download the show right now for some Monday morning fun.

I knew I was in trouble before we even started recording. George was on a tear and dragging the rest of us in his wake as soon as he connected for the call. But after we got through discussions about rapist ducks, the SEO value of Paris Hilton doing obscene things to plastic ducks, and a quick search of Wikipedia on the subject of duck mating habits, we managed to actually record a show.



Ps - a bit with me reading out loud (aired live btw) from George's latest book.

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