Ghost in Cannes

The Cannes Lions awards might be a ghost of its old self according to the old farts, but Cannes Lions doesn't think so. With white knight Jeff Goodby as top dog juror, they promise to find the sparkling diamond ideas, and not award the sneaky ghost ads. but there will still be ghosts in Cannes. All over Cannes in fact...

This week as the adworld migrate to their Mecca so does the ghostmag and TV crew. The first issue of Ghost Magazine will premiere in Cannes, complete with a soon to be a classic, slick , and completely white cover, with raised white ink showing the ghost-logo.

Spooky ghosts will float around the Cannes beach handing you your copy.. Don't get their sheets wet. ;-)

db: You happy with the result of it and the submission you got? 


: Well, I expected something more crazy because Ghost's Project is totally open to it.

But I was wondering that good advertising was going down. As people have their toys (the scam ads) they are not worried in push a little bit with clients in order to get their approval for the good stuff. On the other hand, I've never seen something like that. It's weird. Ideas in low res versus ideas in high res (Archives etc).


db: ah, the low-budget good idea gems versus the ads with money to get well executed?

yes, maybe ideas are getting tamer due to the fact that you could nab an award with a Ghost ad. You have to push a lot harder to get a real client to approve something brand new and daring. At any level were you disappointed with the submissions - at any level, were you pleasantly surprised?


:I'm not disappointed at all. I wish I had more money to print 70.000 mags. I'm pleasantly surprised because in my dreams the mag would be published in english and I did it- because of you. It's 100% dabitch.

db: oooh, *flattered* this might be the cachaça talking, but I like your balls. ;-)

Did you get a lot of submission? Did you want even more?

: I'm working in Ghost's second edition right now.
But I want more madness, crimes, blood - things like that.
The first edition was a lot like "madre Teresa de Calcuta".


db: all the safe classic ideas huh? Need some more definitely-not-ready-for-prime-time ad ideas that really break down barriers? Need more guts!
And the TV you're planning, Ghost TV - I had bizarre ideas that you would visit agencies around the world at night, pestering Ogilvy's creative directors and stalking Neil French in Singapore.

 : That's it. That's the picture. Thanks God you're understanding my englishit.
Ghost magazine will come out 6 times a year, this is what we are aiming for. We want more outrageous examples of great ghost ads to fill these issues. is where you submit your ads, and order the magazine.

*note: the little ghost avatar has been made available to all you members if you like it. just hop into user.php to change your look. It's at the bottom of the avatar list called ghost.gif.

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