GoGORILLA reinvents advertising on bills.

GoGORILLA Media Launches New Ad Concept: Advertising on Money! the press release reads.
Never mind that defacing a dollar bill is actually a federal offense - maybe they got permission? Nevermind that a pro-bono anti STD ad already won a D&AD award advertising on coins 1999, so it's not that new... And nevermind that marking dollars bills and putting stickers on coins have been a favored way of getting the word out by students, pro-bono organisations, Adbusters and small guys like Joe's truck rental since.. well, since forever. ;)

Starting today, GoGORILLA Media will begin distribution of $1 bills bearing sticker ads for "Traffic: The Miniseries" in hip bars and nightclubs throughout Los Angeles and New York.

"We are extremely excited about this campaign, which is one of our most outrageous yet," says Alan Wolan, President of GoGORILLA Media. "We are completely supportive of a brand like USA Network reaching out in an unusual and unexpected fashion to upscale movie enthusiasts."

Michael Dare, Director of Promotion at USA Network, agreed: "Advertising on money delivers the exact type of daring media concept we first envisioned for "Traffic". The themes of the miniseries include the illegal trafficking of drugs, weapons, and humans, all for financial gain. Therefore there is a natural connection with advertising on actual money. The medium fits the message."

They even did "advanced field-testing" with the bills, and "consumers noticed the stickers over 95% of the time", like you do when your money is busted, or someone's scribbled on a bill. The campaign will run through the premiere of Traffic - how they will manage to end the campaign the press release does not reveal. Advertise to get the bills with stickers on them sent back perhaps?

Founded in 2001 with the mission to "bombard and overwhelm consumers with advertising messages as they go about their daily lives," GoGORILLA seeks to inject advertising into life's most mundane experiences.