Golden Drum Awards

Czech ad agency takes top honors at award festival - Leo Burnett Advertising Prague was named agency of the year for the third time in a row at the Golden Drum Awards in Slovenia. They won a Gold Drum for a print ad for the Association of Librarians of the Czech Republic called Crime and Punishment, Silver Drum for a Greenpeace commercial titled The National Anthem, and a Bronze Drum for a poster titled "Marilyn" for hairdressing salon James Hair. See these ads and other the winning ads at the Golden Drum site.

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Congratulations to them, they've been doing well for a few years. I think the last two years they won lions at cannes for a torture museum. Now it looks like they've translated that award-winning talent to a Librarian Association, the local hairdresser's, and Greenpeace. I can't wait to see what they do for the more realistic clients in their network.

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The thing is, they can't really do good work for the real clients. I used to work there, and believe me, you don't exactly get to flex your creative muscle with clients like Fiat and Eurotel and Coca Cola... You've got to commend them, though, for taking the iniative to go out and find side clients for whom they CAN do good work...

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