Google vs. Sonox: wa the hell?....

I found this at a blog called "great ads" (so I can't exactly vouch for its provenance) but it seems to be a German viral/guerilla ad for Google Video.

But I couldn't help but be reminded of some ambient work done for Amsterdam record store Sonox, as featured on this very site, and created by Dabitch's agency wa, Amsterdam.

previous sonox postings: riddles amsterdam and badlanded as some local papers sports pages also framed stuff - lets not forget the Amnesty International ads that show whats happening in the frame...

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"wa the hell" - you just couldn't resist that pun, could you?

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Aw man, thanks for Badlanding me again. ;)

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De nada. I'm really not picking on you! It's just that the Sonox was so memorable! *shuffle, cough*

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Gee, thanks though. When we started 'wa' it was precisly to go all ambient ad crazy like that (though IDEA comes before MEDIA) but the world wasn't ready, I guess. ;P

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